My apologies for not putting together something sooner. I had hoped to have a nice video to show but my seasonal allergies have taken their heavy toll and I have been unable to function at the level you have come to expect. Hopefully, this will be short lived and we can get back to the work at hand.

That said, I had major move forward with the development of portable system to show off the Discovery satellite. This system will allow people in an audience to connect directly to a “ground station” like device with their phones. Once connected they will get data from the satellite just as you would receive if the satellite were in space. It isn’t super glamorous but it is a really neat trick. The system uses a open source hot spot created on a Raspberry Pi computer. This in turn talks to the satellite using the wifi system on board. That part can be replaced with the radio and boom, it works pretty much like the flight hardware.

I hope to film the entire system and show it soon.