Alan Boyle has a good writeup on the latest Blue Origin flight scheduled for tomorrow. While not directly related to Mini-Cubes, I worked on the NanoLab design. I created a 3D printed flame resistant casing for the experiment for Teachers in Space. I also designed the standardized data acquisition system of the experiment.

The goal was to create a standardized set of hardware that will work as both a CubeSat frame and fit inside the NanoLab, making the experiments interchangeable without a lot of rework. This experiment, designed to test a new type of radiation shielding, has flown on high altitude balloons and was inside the payload bay of the Perlan II glider when it set the altitude record of 72,000 feet.

Check out the article over at GeekWire: https://www.geekwire.com/2019/watch-jeff-bezos-blue-origin-space-venture-launch-suborbital-science-extravaganza/