Our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! In order for us to complete our test phase, we are raising funds to do something incredible – launch a tiny satellite to space. Please consider joining us on this epic adventure. We have some wonderful rewards that we think are really special. Check it out over at Kickstarter!

At one time, exploring space took machines that were extremely large, heavy, and expensive. Times have changes. More and more world class science is being performed using satellites that you can hold in your hand. These small satellites (SmallSats) have been primarily centered around a design called a CubeSat. This 10 centimeter (4 inch) cube was the basic building block of a new industry. And the trend to make them even smaller.

PocketQubes are the latest development in the SmallSat arena. Only 5 centimeters across (2 inches) these tiny machines are reaching capabilities only dreamed of in years past. Mini-Cubes, LLC was started to help foster the development of PocketQubes into inexpensive but robust systems that just about anyone could afford to build and launch.

What can you do with a PocketQube?

There are many space related activities that a PocketQube can accomplish. They can also be used for monitoring Earth’s natural resources such as timber use, farming, and water utilization. That last one is important to Mini-Cubes. Clean water is essential to life on Earth. With better monitoring, we can help mitigate water shortages, help develop disaster plans in real time, and provide planning for water restricted areas.