Bring Him Home

My friend Joel Jackel came down from new York with his Mark Watney costume. It took him a year to make it. We found a good location to take some shots and then with a little bit of editing, made it look like Mars. It was a fun photo shoot. Going to send this image on...

Honored to Fly a Unique Item

One of the tenants we have here at Mini-Cubes is one that we have followed for years. Make space available to everyone. Sometimes that means we get to launch something really incredible. We will be launching a copy of Svetoslav...

Blue Origin Completes NS-11 Flight

This morning Blue Origin successfully flew their 11th space mission. The spacecraft zoomed to over 346,000 feet in a picture perfect launch. It was incredible to watch. For Mini-Cubes this has been a good day. One of the experiments onboard proved out some design...

Blue Origin Launch Tomorrow

Alan Boyle has a good writeup on the latest Blue Origin flight scheduled for tomorrow. While not directly related to Mini-Cubes, I worked on the NanoLab design. I created a 3D printed flame resistant casing for the experiment for Teachers in Space. I also designed the...

Finally Some Progress

My apologies for not putting together something sooner. I had hoped to have a nice video to show but my seasonal allergies have taken their heavy toll and I have been unable to function at the level you have come to expect. Hopefully, this will be short lived and we...

Article About Our Work In The Ephrata Review

Recently, I spent half a day with Dick Wanner, a reporter for the Ephrata Review. The article finally appeared in the paper and I couldn't be happier with the result. It was a fun interview. I loved showing off where we are and what we plan to do. You can check out...

The Structure of Discovery

This video update tells you a little bit about the various parts used for the structure of the Discovery PocketQube satellite. All the components are made out of Windform XL 2.0. This 3D printed material makes for super strong parts that have already been tested in...

Tracey and I take a visit to Johnson Space Center

Tracey and I took some time away and visited my daughter Megan in Houston, Texas. While we were there Megan took us to Johnson Space Center. It was a great trip with some amazing experiences.

Solar Panel Prototypes

Development continues on Discovery, even though the Kickstarter was not funded. It will slow us down, but we are not out of the game yet. We continue to create new components and test them on the prototype frames we have build. The latest part, and one of the last, is...

Kickstarter Update, More Parts Go Gold

Check out Kickstarter for the latest update! We are behind in our goal but there is still a chance we can pull this one out and have a successful campaign. We continue to make progress on the Discovery. We now have seven parts in gold status and a link with a...

To Boldly Go Where No Hobbyist Has Gone Before…

At one time, exploring space was the sole province of science fiction, the government, and the extremely wealthy.

But times have changed.

The PocketQube is OUR chance to reach space. More and more world-class science is being performed using satellites that can fit in your hand, and they can be built by people like us: the passionate, the curious, and the adventurous.

PocketQubes are the latest development in the SmallSat arena. At only 5 cm, these tiny machines are reaching far beyond what we’ve dreamed of in the past to deliver us into space with the tools, materials, and resources we have at at our disposal TODAY.

Our Mission

Mini-Cubes, LLC was started to help foster the development of PocketQubes into inexpensive yet robust systems that just about anyone could afford to build and launch.

With the PocketQube, the applications are numerous. They can be used to monitor Earth’s natural resources like timber use, farming, and water utilization.

Water utilization is of particular interest and import to Mini-Cubes.

Clean water is essential to all life on this plant; and with better monitoring, we could help mitigate water shortages, develop disaster plans in real time, and provide planning for water-restricted areas.

By going into space, we can work towards saving our planet. That’s what drives our development of the PocketQube and our passion for putting that power into the hands of the public.

To me, space is the next great frontier. Instead of looking at it as an impossible challenge, I see it as the source for saving Earth. Joe Latrell, CEO of Mini-Cubes, LLC

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