To Boldly Go Where No Hobbyist Has Gone Before…

At one time, exploring space was the sole province of science fiction, the government, and the extremely wealthy.

But times have changed.

The PocketQube is OUR chance to reach space. More and more world-class science is being performed using satellites that can fit in your hand, and they can be built by people like us: the passionate, the curious, and the adventurous.

PocketQubes are the latest development in the SmallSat arena. At only 5 cm, these tiny machines are reaching far beyond what we’ve dreamed of in the past to deliver us into space with the tools, materials, and resources we have at at our disposal TODAY.

Our Mission

Mini-Cubes, LLC was started to help foster the development of PocketQubes into inexpensive yet robust systems that just about anyone could afford to build and launch.

With the PocketQube, the applications are numerous. They can be used to monitor Earth’s natural resources like timber use, farming, and water utilization.

Water utilization is of particular interest and import to Mini-Cubes.

Clean water is essential to all life on this plant; and with better monitoring, we could help mitigate water shortages, develop disaster plans in real time, and provide planning for water-restricted areas.

By going into space, we can work towards saving our planet. That’s what drives our development of the PocketQube and our passion for putting that power into the hands of the public.

To me, space is the next great frontier. Instead of looking at it as an impossible challenge, I see it as the source for saving Earth. Joe Latrell, CEO of Mini-Cubes, LLC